Industrial Hepa Filter

Cabin Air Filter Assembly
Fits models: D5M, D6G, D6M, D6R,RIII, D6T, D7R,RII, D8R, 517, 527

Product Details

Reliable Filter for Machine


Product Description

This Industrial Hepa Filter is designed to remove solid particles and molecular pollutants, and the purpose of it is to improve air quality in systems or environment. The Industrial Hepa Filter is general made of a firm framework and filled with a certain type of filter materials, which can prevent leakage between the framework and the materials, and has the advantages of high efficiency, high capacity, strong filtering ability and cost-effective. In addition, it has a long service life making it reduce maintenance costs to a great extent. What’s more, this Industrial Hepa Filter is widely applied in various industries, such as biomedical, nuclear industry, aerospace,  hospitals, nuclear fuel and electronic microcircuits and so on. It has received a good reputation in our customers. 

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